Top 5 Cases for Using Tiny Reminder in Your Client Work

In this short post I’ll walk you through the most common use cases for Tiny Reminder.

1. Vet prospects

Send a questionnaire to qualify clients — ask for their revenue numbers, website traffic, or budget size. Automated reminders serve another purpose: you don’t fall off their radar (which happens a lot in real life).

2. Onboard clients

Get everything up and running quickly! With to-do fields, you can ask them to book a meeting with a Calendly link, make an advance payment, or check off some terms & conditions.

3. Request payments

We don’t have payments integrated directly, but you can request a payment with a to-do field — by including your payment link. For the best results, tie up your payment request in a larger form with other fields.

4. Collect feedback

Use our forms to quickly collect feedback in the middle of the project, or solicit testimonials after the project is over. Pro tip: combine feedback questions with a payment request in a single form.

5. Onboard speakers & podcast guests

Collect bios, portraits, slides, links, and discount codes from busy guests by a strict deadline — nothing will slip through the cracks.